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I always like the idea of exploring new locations and taking pictures for couples in places that I never visited before. Cliffs of Moher wasn’t a new location for me, but this was my first time taking wedding pictures at this amazing place! Plus, I always wanted to do a Cliffs of Moher wedding anyways and David and Sheila offered me the perfect opportunity to do such a thing!

Upon talking with them, I immediately started to like their enthusiasm for the photo shoot and how much they love each other. Their love story is outstanding, and it manages to show that love can and will always end up overturning any type of obstacles. It works, and it manages to deliver all of that in an incredible and unique way.

When we started the photo shoot, we are a bit afraid that the weather will not be in our favor. But it turns out that we were afraid for nothing, as the weather turned out to be very good and the entire photo shoot was a lot of fun. Sure, it was the windiest day ever, but in the end, we managed to turn it around. It was exciting for me, and both David and Sheila also enjoyed the entire experience.

Sheila had an outstanding dress that you just can’t find nowadays. It was an impeccable, one of a kind greenish dress that not only looked great in real life but which translated perfectly to some impressive photos.

Plus, the locations this couple chose for the photo shoot was second to none. Cliffs of Moher is one of the most impressive places in Ireland, and the entire photo shoot was a memorable one. Yes, we did encounter some issues with the weather, but the bride was right, this was indeed an incredible place for a wedding photo shoot.

The couple was kind enough to offer me some extra time at the Golden Hour. This allowed me to bring in front some really exciting experiences and I am very excited with the way everything turned out!

Plus, the wedding was plenty of fun, the guests were very happy, and everyone was laughing and having a good time. I wish David and Sheila all the best, and I certainly hope I will get to work with them very soon on other projects!

Congratulations to Sheila and David and thank you for your trust and letting me be part of your wedding day. It’s been an honour and  privilege to be your wedding photographer.

If Carlsberg did wedding photos…..

We are so grateful to Greg for helping to make our wedding day so perfect! He made the photography sessions great fun. Greg has an eye for detail and his landscape shots turned out to be stunning, really dramatic and beautiful. This was the main reason we had chosen him as our photographer and the results absolutely lived up to our expectations! He also photographed so many little details throughout the day and captured lovely moments of our guests without anyone even noticing. Greg is very calm and reassuring – our wedding date was due to have torrential rain and I had been worried, he then offered to stay an extra night so that we could schedule a “Plan B” couple photoshoot the next day if the weather turned out to be a disaster. Thankfully we didn’t need it as the sun came out after all, but this shows how he will go the extra mile to ensure the couple are happy. He also sent the photos really quickly after the wedding which was a nice touch. We were absolutely delighted with Greg and were so impressed with the quality of his shots. We would 100% recommend him for your engagement shoot, wedding or any type of photoshoot involving outdoors scenery. Thanks again Greg & Iwona!

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Cliffs of Moher Wedding Photography, Ireland

If you are planning on  having a wedding at Cliffs of Moher or would like to elope to Ireland please get in touch. I’ll be humbled  to be your wedding photographer in Ireland.

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Safe to say we had the best photographer in the world capture our day. Greg is nothing short of a magician behind the camera and we could not be more pleased with our wedding photographs.

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Thank you for getting in touch. It’s a true honour to even be considered to document your wedding and I appreciate your time in advance! Tell me about your plans and let’s meet to get to know each other.

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I do believe that we are born to be real and not to be perfect and I want my photographs to show real people and real emotions. I strive to capture your wedding day in the purest natural and relaxed way.

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