M+M | Iceland elopement | Iceland wedding photography

Time to blog this Icelandic adventure. Meg & Michael decided to get married...twice. One in Ireland at Mount Druid - alternative and beautiful wedding venue in Co. Westmeath Ireland and few days later elope to Iceland and get married there, again. I had a unbelievable pleasure to photograph both of their weddings. And let me tell you. What a beautiful adventure it was.
Both ceremonies was filled with love and laughter and tons of emotions. Mount Druid is one of my favourites wedding venues in Ireland. I'm always happy to go back there for a weddings. You can see their Irish wedding below
Few days later we flew to Iceland. So, how is Iceland in November? Well, it's cold, really cold. You could have a really rainy day with strong winds. But we were lucky with gorgeous golden light all day long. Well, actually not that long, we had around 5hours of daylight. How we used that short day you can see in few pictures below. Enjoy!
Big kudos to Michael and especially Meg who braced that that Icelandic cold. i think their favourite posed was "get closer to each other" :)

I had an amazing time shooting this intimate wedding in Iceland. Icealnd has stunning backdrops for any wedding ceremony. If you are planning to get married in Iceland or anywhere in the world, please get in touch. I'd love to hear your wedding plans and have the opportunity to be your wedding photographer.

B + C | Ballymagarvey village wedding

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OH MY GOD they are amazing. First time I have felt so emotional since the big day, and I have been holding it together pretty well up to now!

I cant tell you enough how perfectly and brilliantly you captured our day. I have goosebumps writing this.

A picture tells a thousand words – and my of my, yours certainly do. You are so talented at what you do Greg – you should be very proud of yourself.

I’m going to sing your praises everywhere I go! Every couple who has you as their photographer should consider themselves very lucky.

You are a magician behind the camera.

From the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you millions.

Mr and Mrs O’ Hanlon

Indian Wedding | London Destination Wedding Photographers

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Many thans to Rahul from f5 photography for letting me to shoot this wonderful wedding with him.​​ ​It was an amazing opportunity to work with such a talented photographer.