The Best Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Ireland

The most unique and magical day in a couple’s life is by far their wedding day. It is the moment when they take their love and relationship to the next level. 

We all have dreams and ideas about what this day should be like, visions dance through our heads about what we will wear, how the flowers will look, what food our guests will savor and of course, how grand the cake will look.

Many things factor into the planning of a wedding, the budget whether large or small, the size of the families and guests who may be attending and what the bride and groom are in effect envisioning for this glorious day that celebrates their love.

Outdoor vs. Indoor

outdoor-wedding-ceremony-irelandThe wedding ceremony is, of course, the most important of the entire event; the moments the couple make their connection official and permanent before friends and family.  Traditionally this used to happen in a church or religious building, but in today’s modern times it is quite common for couples to choose to have their wedding outdoors amongst the beauty that nature has to offer.

Outdoor weddings open a whole added level of settings from which the happy couple can choose.  From local parks to beaches, rocky cliffs to woodland glens and even backyards or anyplace else that can be imagined.  If they can think of it, someone can provide it.

The splendid backdrop that an outdoor wedding in Ireland can offer for and Irish wedding photographer can add to memories that will be replayed repeatedly for years to come in the couple lives.

While indoor weddings can be beautiful and enchanting in its own particular manner, clearly outdoors offers breathtaking locations that can match whatever the couple desires for their big day.

Here is a list of some lovely locations for an outdoor wedding in Ireland that can offer many possibilities for engaged couples to find what they are looking for regarding their wedding ceremony Irish wedding photographer.

This beautiful location has several outdoor gardens located in the forecourt that will capture the beauty of the castle and grounds and add their breathtaking beauty to the landscape of a couples outdoor wedding ceremony in Ireland.

Looking for the stunningly unique waterside location, offering a different perspective on the wedding ceremony?  This location provides just that, beauty, serenity, and tranquility all staged against a backdrop of Donegal, the Irish wedding photographer will love this one.

If a couple is searching for a glorious lake background on a raised platform amongst marshy grasses and gardens, this is the location for them.  Crisp, peaceful but invigorating in its natural beauty, any couple would feel special amidst these surroundings, even for a winter wedding.

If a couple should wish to wed amongst a woodland of forested trees as their backdrop this location offers a turntable for wedding ceremonies that connect the couple with the earthiness of its surroundings for a winter wedding in particular.

If a vintage wedding is what is wished for than this location can provide the happy couple with precisely what they are looking.  This location has the perfect Victorian themed dome complete with fairy lights throughout the garden to create that magic every couple searches for a summer or winter wedding.

If the couple who desire an Irish wedding is looking for a bit of the creepy, this venue can provide that as it is set among stone walls and willowy greenery.  For those who are of the alternative gypsy nature who want out of the ordinary, this location can guarantee to give guests just that.

Anthenaeum Hotel

If tying the knot overlooking the oldest city in Ireland is the couple’s hope this locale can meet their need for a winter wedding.  Complete with a tower built by Vikings and a white archway where the happy couple can overlook the city, they may feel as though they have stepped back in time.

If an ocean backdrop is the essential part of the wedding ceremony besides the vows, then this location fits the bill.  Set in a picturesque seaside village with steps that lead to a small beach the couple can spend a few moments reflecting on their day before the reception.


These locations are only a small sprinkling of the offerings to be had in Ireland.  From picturesque and breathtaking, to enchanting and unusual and everything in between the beauty and awe will sweep guests and the couple away in the moment of the day.  Your wedding photographers will capture every moment of this glorious day.

From small and intimate to large and formal weddings are the perfect time to spend outside.  It is, however, essential to have a backup plan from a specialized wedding coordinator in case of inclement or unpredictable weather situations that may crop up.  However, should the weather hold on the big day, there is no better place to have a wedding ceremony than outside.

The wedding photographers will quickly highlight the special day from the stunning flowers and gorgeous attire to the plates of bountiful foods and drinks.  Guests smiling brightly, billows of ribbons and splattering’s of glitter and glory it will be hard to find a dull moment.

In Conclusion - Best Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Venues


No matter what location is chosen, indoors or out, traditional or innovative Ireland has something for everyone to choose from regarding a wedding ceremony and reception.  In fact, it may be harder to select the location than all the other vital parts of the day.

Every nook and cranny of this stunning area offers hidden treasures to discover for those looking for one of a kind spots to hold a wedding ceremony.  However, more than anything what matters the most is the happy couple, the vows that are spoken and the memories that are made and shared by all on this most important day in a couple’s life, there wedding.  The vows are spoken, the devotion is offered, the connection is made before family, friends, and everyone present.  These are the things that matter the most, but it sure is nice to have a splendid background to get it all done beside with the best wedding photographers in Ireland.