Professional Wedding Photographer – Why Hire Professional Photographer for your Wedding

Professional Wedding Photographer – Why you should hire a photographer for your wedding?


Your wedding is one of the most important moments in your life. That’s a universal truth, no matter who you might be, or what else life might have in store for you. However, weddings are also costly; and while we know full well that, for the most part, it’s worth the investment, we still often find ourselves ever seeking out ways to cut down on costs for the big day, cancelling a service here and reducing an order there.

Moreover, that’s quite all right – nothing wrong with being careful with your money. However, there is one thing that we assure you is worth the money it costs: a professional photographer.

Yes, sure, you could get your cousin Joe to take a few pictures on his iPhone instead; but we’re pretty confident in saying that, at the end of it, all, you’ll be wishing that you spent that extra bit of money on an expert. Below are just a few reasons why.

Reliving the Moment

There are a few points in your life that you’ll want to be able to relive over and over again long after they end. Your wedding is one of them, but a few casual snapshots taken by friends and relatives really won’t be enough to allow you to return to those beautiful hours fully. There’ll be so many little moments here and there – the kiss, that first dance, making your way to the car – that you’ll want so badly to be able to relive in full, from beginning to end.

Also, for moments like that, a professional photographer will be a real blessing. They’ll go out of their way to capture every one of those precious moments at your wedding – all the laughter and the tears – from beginning to end, thus allowing you to rewatch and relive them over and over in the coming decades.

Letting People Enjoy the Wedding

For all the jokes we make about modern people recording everything on their phones instead of living in the moment, it nonetheless really isn’t fair to ask family or friends with the rather hefty and distracting job of documenting everything at your wedding. 

Yes, this is your special day, but it’s also a day where those you love can gather to celebrate this momentous occasion with you and share in your joy. Asking them to watch most of it through their camera is rather selfish – they deserve to enjoy it as much as you do. Investing in a professional to do the recording frees up everyone else to form their fond memories of the event.

A Smoother Product

As much as a friend or a loved one with a smartphone or a handheld cam might try, the fact is that a casual, guest-recorded photo or video of your wedding, despite all that home-movie charm, is just not going to capture the magic. It’s going to be janky and low-res; the camera will shake about, the audio will be fuzzy, and it’ll miss some of the most beautiful moments while lingering on five-minute shots of the inside of a pocket.

With a professional photographer, though – well, you’re paying that money because they’ll be capturing your wedding on a high-resolution device with a steady, practised hand, dedicated to capturing all the most unforgettable moments, and editing them all into a smooth, slick sequence. You’ve gone out of your way to make sure your wedding is a professionally managed affair; it’s documenting should be too.

See Moments You Missed

Much as you might wish you could (especially with all the organising it requires), you can’t be everywhere at your wedding every moment. Chances are it’ll be a bustling affair; and there’ll be friends and family here, there and everywhere talking, laughing, and sharing memories.

Moreover, given what a big day this is for you, it’s nice to feel like you experienced as much of it as possible. With a photographer, a good many of those little moments among your loved ones that you might not have been present for will be captured for you to experience after the fact, ensuring that your experience of your wedding is as complete and absolute as possible, and you can see for yourself what a wonderful time your loved ones had.

Something to Send to Those Who Couldn’t Come

Most of us have that one person we’d love to have at our wedding who can’t make it – that friend who is overseas, that parent who’s too sick, or suchlike. Also, most of the time, they’re just as upset about not being there.

It’s those folks who’ll be especially thankful to you for hiring a photographer. Hire someone at the wedding who will capture the whole thing from beginning to end, then edit it together to give prominence to all the most beautiful and unforgettable moments. You’re helping to create something that will allow those non-attendees to experience your special day vicariously, and to, at least on some level, be there for that unforgettable moment in your life.

Create an Heirloom

If you never got to watch your parents’ wedding album as a kid, then you missed out. Seeing the moment when two of the most influential people in your life first sealed their union, signalling the beginning of your life in turn, is the sort of thing that gives you a unique perspective on life, and makes you realize just how remarkable love is.

It’s the sort of thing, in other words, that your kids – and after them, your grandkids – deserve to see one day. By hiring a professional photographer, you’ll be capturing a tremendously significant moment not just in your life, but in theirs too. It’s something to hand down the generations; and as such, it’s worth it to ensure that it’s professionally photographed and edited.


Professional Wedding Photographer for your wedding

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