cloughjordan house wedding

Cloughjordan House Wedding | A + C


Thank you so much !!!

They are wonderful- so, so beautiful and really capture that special day perfectly. It was so nice to look through them tonight and remember all the fun.

Thank you so much - not just for our exquisite photographs, but for being lovely to work with as well. You were a pleasure to have with us both on the day and in the days and weeks before and afterwards.

Thank you a thousand times. Hurrawwwww!!!

Aideen & Cormac

Cliffs of Moher wedding photography

Cliffs of Moher wedding | S+D

I always like the idea of exploring new locations and taking pictures for couples in places that I never visited before. Cliffs of Moher wasn’t a new location for me, but this was my first time taking wedding pictures at this amazing place! Plus, I always wanted to do a Cliffs of Moher wedding anyways and David and Sheila offered me the perfect opportunity to do such a thing!

Upon talking with them, I immediately started to like their enthusiasm for the photo shoot and how much they love each other. Their love story is outstanding, and it manages to show that love can and will always end up overturning any type of obstacles. It works, and it manages to deliver all of that in an incredible and unique way.

When we started the photo shoot, we are a bit afraid that the weather will not be in our favor. But it turns out that we were afraid for nothing, as the weather turned out to be very good and the entire photo shoot was a lot of fun. Sure, it was the windiest day ever, but in the end, we managed to turn it around. It was exciting for me, and both David and Sheila also enjoyed the entire experience.

Sheila had an outstanding dress that you just can’t find nowadays. It was an impeccable, one of a kind greenish dress that not only looked great in real life but which translated perfectly to some impressive photos.

Plus, the locations this couple chose for the photo shoot was second to none. Cliffs of Moher is one of the most impressive places in Ireland, and the entire photo shoot was a memorable one. Yes, we did encounter some issues with the weather, but the bride was right, this was indeed an incredible place for a wedding photo shoot.

The couple was kind enough to offer me some extra time at the Golden Hour. This allowed me to bring in front some really exciting experiences and I am very excited with the way everything turned out!

Plus, the wedding was plenty of fun, the guests were very happy, and everyone was laughing and having a good time. I wish David and Sheila all the best, and I certainly hope I will get to work with them very soon on other projects!

Congratulations to Sheila and David and thank you for your trust and letting me be part of your wedding day. It's been an honour and  privilege to be your wedding photographer.

If Carlsberg did wedding photos.....

We are so grateful to Greg for helping to make our wedding day so perfect! He made the photography sessions great fun. Greg has an eye for detail and his landscape shots turned out to be stunning, really dramatic and beautiful. This was the main reason we had chosen him as our photographer and the results absolutely lived up to our expectations! He also photographed so many little details throughout the day and captured lovely moments of our guests without anyone even noticing. Greg is very calm and reassuring - our wedding date was due to have torrential rain and I had been worried, he then offered to stay an extra night so that we could schedule a "Plan B" couple photoshoot the next day if the weather turned out to be a disaster. Thankfully we didn't need it as the sun came out after all, but this shows how he will go the extra mile to ensure the couple are happy. He also sent the photos really quickly after the wedding which was a nice touch. We were absolutely delighted with Greg and were so impressed with the quality of his shots. We would 100% recommend him for your engagement shoot, wedding or any type of photoshoot involving outdoors scenery. Thanks again Greg & Iwona!

If you are planning on  having a wedding at Cliffs of Moher or would like to elope to Ireland please get in touch. I'll be humbled  to be your wedding photographer in Ireland.


Garden wedding in Ireland | A + N

If you are looking for inspiration for DIY garden wedding in Ireland you must see this story. Anna & Niall's big day was simply beautiful and you can see it in every single detail. They put so much effort to prepare one of a kind, unique decor that matched just right with the artfully landscaped home garden in Wicklow.

Their celebration was a reflection of them as a couple and really you couldn't ask for anything more from a wedding. The day was filled with plenty of happy smiles, lovely people, great music and gorgeous food.  Overall, their wedding day had a relaxed, personal feel and  honestly I love every little bit of it!

Having a DIY garden wedding Ireland is a perfect alternative to a venue wedding. I hope it inspires your own...

Congratulations to Anna and Nail and thank you for sharing your love story with us.
It's been a great pleasure to be your wedding photographer.

Greg thank you so much for capturing the emotions, fun and the general relaxed nature of our day in our photographs! We were determined to have a fun wedding with one hell of party and you captured this through your stunning shots. You captured the personalities of our entire family, captured the feelings on the day and were so patient, kind and attentive!

Niall and I would highly recommend Greg to anyone looking for a photographer who is so easy to get on with, will take risks, will listen and will be a great friend by the end of the day! As a third wheel goes on your wedding day – Greg is the one you want!

Thank you again for such wonderful photos and capturing our special day in such a special way.  Anna & Niall

If you are planning garden wedding in Ireland please get in touch. I will be humbled to be your wedding photographer.

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barberstown castle wedding

Barberstown castle wedding | S+G

Barberstown castle wedding

Where to start with Sinead & Gary's wedding at Barberstown Castle. These guys are truly one of the ​loveliest couple I've ever met. Watching their love and joy on the day was really inspiring . I'm forever grateful that they let me be part of their day.

​Sinead & Gary decided to have their first look at Castletown House in Celbridge. I always love the idea of the first look before the ceremony as this gives us plenty of time to capture some intimate moments between the couple. These two were just so incredible to photograph,  it makes such a big difference to see couple showing their love like that! I never even had to direct them and it all went so natural and so relaxed, just the way it should be.

Their beautiful emotional ceremony took a place in Bareberstown Castle and it is always nice to go back to this wedding venue. There were so many incredible moments during the day. I've met a lot of wonderful people, witnessed so many hugs and smiles, pure joy and love. Just a perfect wedding day. I just fell like I meet and work with the best people on the world! I simply love what I do.

Congratulations guys and thank you for your trust and kindness. It's been a honour to be your wedding photographer.

These pictures are just few highlights from Sinead & Gary's wedding at Barberstown Castle.

Choosing Greg to document our wedding day was one of the best decisions we made! From the moment he arrived at my house the morning of, he was so professional and at the same time was so relaxed & kept everyone at ease. He blended into our wedding day perfectly and captured every moment brilliantly. When we saw our photos we were blown away, it was like reliving the day again. Every shot was perfect, thank you so much Greg! Highly recommend! Sinéad & Gary

It was my honour to working at Barberstown Castle again. If you are looking for wedding photographer in Ireland please contact me. I will be delighted to be part of your wedding day.


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killaloe hotel wedding photography

Killaloe hotel wedding | A + R

Killaloe hotel wedding | A + R

I have been waiting to share this story for a while now.
When I first met Anneke and Robert I got the feeling that their wedding is going to be amazing and I was not mistaken. Their wedding day was simply beautiful and I was inspired by the connection between those two. There was magical, simply exceptional musical setting during the ceremony, which took place at  St. Flannel's Cathedral. But what else could I expect knowing that Anneke is a passionate musician herself.
One of my favourite moments of the day was the time when we could sail away on a little private cruise to admire the stunning landscapes of the river Shannon. This gave me a chance to create some wonderful photographs of the couple. The whole day was filled with love and happiness which makes the day unforgettable.
Congratulation Guys! And Thank You for having me as your wedding photographer.

"We are so thrilled we chose Greg to capture our wedding day. He captured every special moment of the day with beautifully artistic and authentic images- we never felt like we were having to "stop and pose". Looking through our photos really brought back the feelings of the day- but while the day goes all too quickly, we will have the photos in our home for all our life together. We couldn't have hoped for better images and we're so glad we were lucky enough to have him!

Greg was fantastic on the wedding day, fun and professional (the perfect mix!) throughout the day. He and Iwona were also extremely helpful the whole way through the booking process, so even before the wedding day, we were absolutely confident that things would run smoothly. We can't thank them enough."

killaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-dresskillaloe-hotel-wedding-detailskillaloe-hotel-wedding-detailskillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-ringkillaloe-hotel-wedding-flowerskillaloe-hotel-wedding-carkillaloe-hotel-wedding-preparationskillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-preparationskillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-dresskillaloe-hotel-wedding-preparationskillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-dresskillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-bridekillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-photography-bridekillaloe-hotel-wedding-photography-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-church-celebrationkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebration-churchkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebrationkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebrationkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebrations killaloe-hotel-wedding-celebrationskillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebrationkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebrationskillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebrationskillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebrationskillaloe-hotel-weddingkillaloe-hotel-wedding killaloe-hotel-wedding killaloe-hotel-weddingkillaloe-hotel-weddingkillaloe-hote-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-foodkillaloe-hotel-wedding-celebrationskillaloe-hotel-wedding-guestskillaloe-hotel-wedding-guestskillaloe-hotel-wedding-funkillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-roomkillaloe-hotel-wedding-decorkillaloe-hotel-wedding-cakekillaloe-hotel-wedding-photographykillaloe-hotel-wedding-receptionkillaloe-hotel-wedding-reception

It was my pleasure to working at Killaloe hotel in Co. Clare. If you are looking for wedding photographer in Ireland please contact me. It would be a true honour to be part of your wedding celebrations.

howth dublin wedding photography

Dublin Wedding Photography | Howth Wedding | S + N

Dublin wedding photography

It was very typical Irish day. Lots of clouds, showers before ceremony with some sunny spells, but nothing could overcome the joy and delight of Susi & Nial's wedding.  It was an absolutely magical day, filled with lots of laughter and tears of joy. It is always a big privilege to be part of such a happy and important event. Susana was getting ready at Marine Hotel in Dublin followed by very personal and touching ceremony at St Nicholas of Myra Church, Malahide.

We couldn't miss the opportunity of visiting spectacular views that Howth has to offer.  We have to say big thank you to Susi and Nail for giving us extra time and trust that let us create beautiful wedding portraits. Throughout the session there was non-stop smiling between these guys and it was such a joy for me to witness their love and happiness. So here is their short story.


Congratulations to both of you and thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. If you are looking for Dublin wedding photographer please get in touch.


A + T | same sex wedding | Dublin city hall wedding | Ireland photographer

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"Greg is a superstar photographer! We cannot praise him enough – your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and we understood the importance of having a good photographer as when it is all over one of the few things you will have to remember your big day is your wedding photographs.

We loved Greg’s style of photography from the moment we saw it. We were very specific with our requirements and had a very high standard and Greg met all of our expectations and more. Greg captured perfectly the style of shots that we wanted on the day but was also bursting with ideas of his own which is exactly what you want from a photographer. It’s the perfect mix of being able to have an input into your photographs and letting the professional work his magic!! He understood and captured the feeling and emotion of our day with an extreme high standard. His photographs have been the talking point of our wedding.

Another point to note is what a genuine nice guy Greg is – one thing people tend to forget is how much time you spend with your photographer on the day and Greg was such a joy to be around – he always had a smile on his face and you could tell he wanted to be at our wedding. One of my favorite pictures of our wedding day is a selfie of me and Greg in the middle of all the mahem!

Greg thank you so much for helping to make our day so special – our photographs are a million times more than anything we had ever dreamed of. We count ourselves so lucky that we had you as our wedding photographer and would recommend you to anyone! We will miss working with you!

Thanks so much

Andrew and Thomas"


L + M | tipi wedding ireland | garden wedding

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ireland tipi wedding_boho wedding_132

"Thank you so so much for an absolutely incredible job. We just got to look through them together now. We love love love them. They are way better than we ever could have hoped for.
You did an unreal job.  They look absolutely class! Lucy and Matty "


T + S | castlemartyr resort | outdoor wedding | Ireland

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"Can't recommend Greg enough! He was amazing to work with- from our pre wedding shoot to our wedding! He has an eye for detail and is brilliant at capturing the emotion and energy of the day! We loved our photos- natural, artistic and wow! You can definitely tell that this is his passion Highly recommend IG Studio to capture your special day !!"


M + Ch | castlemartyr resort | cork wedding photographer

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"These photos are just beautiful!! Chris and I are delighted, thank you so so much! We were so excited about seeing your photos of the day and we have not been at all disappointed. You are such an incredibly gifted and talented pair! We are very excited to share the pictures with our family and friends, they will love them too. Thank you again for these beautiful photos and for your warm, gentle and kind presence on the wedding day. It was a pleasure to have you as our photographer and to spend time in your company on the day."


A + E | Cabra Castle Wedding | Ireland Photographer

Look no further if you are searching for a documentary-style wedding photographer who will capture your day perfectly! Greg was such a delight to work with. He made a point to get to know what was important to us on our wedding day and then captured the day just the way we had hoped for! Know that the memories you hope to capture on your very special day will be done with style and grace if you choose Greg as your wedding photographer.

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I had incredible time working with Amber and Eamon and thank you again for having me as your wedding photographer. I love to work in Cabra Castle Hotel and if you are looking for wedding photographer in Ireland or abroad please contact me. It will be my pleasure to work with you.