Unplugged Wedding Ireland- Few Tips from Photographer's Point of View

The wedding photographer has arguably one of the most stressful positions of anyone in the professional photography business.  The wedding photographer must assess every development and ensure that they position themselves in the right place at the right time to catch the mood and the atmosphere of the moment.  A professional photographer’s primary concern is to ensure that the wedding couple and their guests have beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.


The Unplugged Wedding Defined.

It is no exaggeration that we are addicted to our mobile technology.  Smartphone and smart pads allow us to be connected to anyone anywhere at any time.  Anyone with a Facebook account knows all too well the minute by minute updates and the continuous stream of selfies produced by many of their Facebook friends.  To some, this is a beautiful way to share in the experience of one’s friends; for others, it’s a non-stop feed better off reigned in.

The “unplugged wedding” is just what it sounds like; it is when the bride and groom request that their guests turn off their cell phones and other devices and enjoy the moment.  Having an unplugged wedding and encouraging guests to turn off their devices ensures that the ceremony is what it should be, an appreciative focus on the bride and groom.  Imagine a cellphone ringing right at the moment when an exchange of vows is taking place.  That’s a precious moment ruined, and it is one that can never be retrieved.

Also, to add insult to injury, some guests who use their mobile devices post notification of the wedding even before the bride and groom have a chance to announce their marriage.  That this has happened countless times since the advent of mobile devices is reason enough to require all mobile devices to be put away.  Allowing for the bride and groom to make the announcement themselves shows love and respect for the newly married couple.

What Makes an Unplugged Wedding Special?

The very first great thing about an unplugged wedding is the immediate feeling of intimacy and connection with the bride and groom and the other guests who are present.  Before the socially wired technology came on the scene, people at a wedding event were much more social.  They engaged with one another, got to know one another better or even for the first time.  The moment was the thing, and everyone enjoyed the feeling of the moment.

Once technology arrived, people began quite literally to unplug from one another.  The wedding event became all about each guest looking at the event through an electronic lens and not their own eyes.  We’ve all seen families at tables or friends out and about, not interacting with each other because they are looking at their smartphones.  This type of behavior has come to affect weddings and other important life milestones.  Instead of enjoying human company, they frantically try to capture the moment and, by doing so, miss the meaning of the moment.


The Real Benefits of an Unplugged Wedding.

As hinted at above, one of the real benefits of the unplugged wedding is that it allows everyone to be present at the moment, the moment is of the essence, everything flows from this.  So, that means everyone gets to share the special feelings and meaning of the moment.  It is this shared feeling that brings people closer together, and it provides the basis for a true gathering of community, the community that, in turn, gives its blessing to the married couple.  For anyone who has not had this experience, it is a real feeling and a real joy.  Also, that joy is readily eliminated by a multitude of clicking and whirring electronic devices and people jockeying for the best angle from which to photograph the couple.


The Moment Is of the Essence: the Professional Photographer.

A wedding where the guests are constantly using their phones presents many difficulties for the professional photographer.  First, it puts the photographer into direct competition with the wedding guests who are trying to get their own pictures; this can often lead to hard feelings and misunderstandings and even make the professional photographer the “bad guy” as he or she attempts to work around people. 

Another problem is the sheer volume of electronic devices being aimed at the bride and groom, which presents a forest of technology that often interferes with what otherwise is a significant shot.  Also, this means that the professional is not adequately allowed to do the job for which they have been hired.  A wedding where the guests are all using their technology to “capture the moment” also shows a lack of consideration for the bride and groom; they have hired the professional photographer to document their special day and to capture the intimate spaces and many moods.  By blocking the photographer at many points during the ceremony, they deprive the bride and groom of their rightful memories.

An unplugged wedding allows for the professional wedding photographer to focus on the couple and the event.  Moreover, this is no small feat as a professional has learned the flow of these ceremonies and plans minute by minute where to be next.  Having to avoid people during their job often results in missed opportunity and substandard photographs.

The Professional Wedding Photographer Can Do the Job in a Way That Pleases Everyone.

An unplugged wedding and a professional photographer will not only encourage people to connect, but it will also allow the photographer to take the photographs that capture the best moments, the most intimate moments of the ceremony in a way that everyone can truly enjoy.  Moreover, such memories will be cherished by all for a lifetime.


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