Wedding Photos Checklist – Should I prepare a must-have list of photos for my photographer?

Wedding Photos Checklist – Should I Choreograph a List of Photographs for My Wedding Photographer?

Your wedding day is among the most extraordinary events in your life, so it is quite natural to be nervous about the details.  You want everything to be just so, perfect.  As the wedding day approaches, many couples begin to place enormous pressure on themselves and others as they work to ensure the day goes as planned.  After all, a lot is going on and a lot that can go wrong.  However, if there is one aspect of your wedding that you needn’t worry about, it is in the professionalism of your chosen wedding photographer.

Often, a couple gets so wrapped up in ensuring that everything is perfect that they even provide a list of required “shots” that they want the photographer to take.  What they don’t realize is that they are requesting that their entire wedding day be portrayed as a stilted and artificial event.  By providing stage directions the wedding becomes less of an event to be enjoyed and more of a production to be executed, and the memories of many otherwise beautiful weddings have been ruined by just this sort of approach.


It is Normal to Be Nervous, but Your Photography is Safe

If you have chosen your wedding photographer for their depth of experience and professionalism, then you have chosen carefully.  The professional wedding photographer is entirely at home in the fluid and fast-moving environment that is your wedding day.  Having photographed numerous weddings, your photographer understands what to look for when capturing the mood of the moment. 

Catching the Mood

Of course, your wedding is a deeply personal and emotional event, and your wedding photographer understands this.  Having an experienced photographer shoot your wedding ensures that the best moments, the moments of joy, laughter, and love, are captured in exquisite detail;  this is the job of the professional wedding photographer, and while this may be your first wedding, your photographer has participated in perhaps hundreds, and so they know the general flow of the wedding cycle.

Granted, certain requirements for staged photo sessions such as the formal pictures taken of the bride and groom and friends and family are needed.  However, once beyond that, photography captures the natural essence of the moment.



Every wedding has a progression and, while all marriages are as individual as the couple getting married, the overall flow of the wedding is familiar.  Moreover, it is an intimate understanding of how the story unfolds that sets the professional wedding photographer apart from others.  The photographer has already studied the layout of the venue and the sequence of events and so knows where the best vantage points are to get the perfect photograph.  Attempting to “stage” the ideal shot will ultimately make the photo appear staged. 


Your professional knows where to be at any given time and understands the environment in which they work; this is precisely why it is recommended that a professional photographer be contracted for a wedding event.  The professional’s experience enables them to anticipate the best shot for a particular setting.  Moreover, they will have already scouted the entire venue and made a mental map of where some of the best shots are likely to occur.  Of course, it also is one way they determine the best location for group photos. Their instinct is built on years of experience, and this is what you are paying for when you hire a professional photographer.  

The Focus on Your Special Day

Your professional wedding photographer brings passion to their work.  A photographer is an artist who’s committed to focusing their entire energy on a special occasion.  Each photograph is one-of-a-kind and crafted with elegance and unique style. 

Lighting and Atmosphere

Whether the ceremony is indoors or outdoors, the lighting conditions will vary day to day and minute to minute, and your photographer uses their unique skills to capture the mood and atmosphere created by any given moment.  By working with the multiple variations in the room or venue, your pictures are indeed one of a kind, even though many other events have been held in the same site, nothing is ever the same, and you have assured a photoset as unique and individual and beautiful as you are;  this is the hallmark of the professional wedding photographer.

Your Friends and Family

Your closest friends and family are an essential part of your life and your wedding. They are treated with the same respect and mindfulness as you are.  The best of wedding photography contains a palpable feel of exclusivity; after all, it is not merely the couple being married, it is the entire close-knit community coming together in an intimate celebration of joy and goodwill.  Also, this is the motif that carries through the whole event.  


Your Memories vs. Wedding Photos Checklist

Your day of joy and the precious moments to be remembered come from the spontaneity of the moment, and this is something that cannot be coordinated in advance.  Only the genuine rush of emotion that fills your special day can provide you with magical photographs that are timeless. Moreover, timelessness is the order of your day; captured in brief moments are memories that you will cherish forever. 

Allowing your day to unfold organically brings into focus the best and most meaningful of moments that would otherwise have been lost.  Getting married is a joyful adventure, and the start of it is just as adventurous.  Trusting your wedding photography to a dedicated perfectionist who understands how to impart the spirit of the moment is something you will always appreciate.

Your compositions are truly exclusive treasures, each providing beautiful lasting memories to be cherished always. The subtle moments, the unexpected moments, the beautiful and the touching moments, all come together – telling the story of your wedding day and its ultimate meaning to you.  Your mementoes will always be as vivid as the day of your special time.

If you looking for a wedding photographer who will transform your special day into memorable photographs please contact us and we would be delighted to work with you. You can check our recent work and lots of ideas for your wedding on our Instagram account.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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