8 The Best Country House Wedding Venues for Your Wedding in Ireland!

If you are currently on the lookout for the perfect country house to have your wedding day in then, this is the list for you. We here at IG Studio wanted to make our client’s lives that little bit easier by putting together our hot tips on where to get married in Ireland this season. Without further ado, let’s jump straight in and see if we can’t find that perfect venue for you!


Best Country House Wedding Venue 1 – Martinstown House

A Strawberry Gothic-style cottage set in a beautiful walled grounds, this private country residence is the perfect serene escape to host a wedding. With a personal chef and wedding coordinator available on site, the potential for 7-course silver service and a banqueting room large enough to regularly host pipers and square dancing – this is one venue you don’t want to pass over if designing an Irish wedding.

Notably, Martinstown House can spit roast under the stars and features a variety of outdoor spaces from which to choose. A campfire wedding is not without the realms of possibility at this quaint little country retreat. With so much charm, enough space for a big wedding and the charming elegance only found in the Irish countryside; Martinstown House is one of the best country house wedding venues in the country.


Best Country House Wedding Venue 2 – Ballintubbert House

Ballintubbert House comes with the option of three separate locations for your venue. The first in the elegant and picturesque water gardens, the second in the 16th-century church which has been lovingly restored for your pleasure, and the third in the romance of their orchard. As well as having stately rooms on offer for guests, this Irish country house also offers glamping accommodation for those that want a truly outdoors wedding!

Receptions tend to be held in the garden marquee on the great lawn allowing for more significant guest numbers and retaining the romantic atmosphere. They can provide live music if you cannot and have a bar that is ready to operate when you need it. For everything you need from a country house wedding venue and loads more, Ballintubbert House could be the venue of which you have been dreaming.


Best Country House Wedding Venue 3 – Segrave Barns Dunany

Alternative wedding venues in the Irish countryside are few and far between, and it is for this reason that the Segrave Barns Dunany country house is so unique. This alternative venue allows you to get married in an actual re-purposed barn in County Louth. Don’t get us wrong though – this is one barn full of elegance, dignity, and splendor, and is worth consideration for the wedding venue of your choice.

Segrave Barns is located near an idyllic beach and comes with its very own donkeys. You hear us right. The barn is immaculately decorated, fitted with sleek dining tables and a stunning chandelier, and the grounds are wonderfully presented in this luxurious country house. It’s different and alternatively awesome enough to earn a place on our list of the best country house wedding venues in Ireland!


Best Country House Wedding Venue 4 – Claughjordan House

Found in north Tipperary, Claughjordan House is an 800-year-old French-style manor with warm rooms and a sprawling garden estate to browse. What makes this country house wedding venue that little bit different is that all the produce used by their exceptional catering staff is homegrown on their grounds. Everything inside the accommodations is either handmade or locally sourced – and welcome humanist and civil ceremonies on their grounds. If this doesn’t suit, there are three churches almost on the front doors of the property, making this one of the best country house wedding venues in Ireland.


Best Country House Wedding Venue 5 – Horetown House

Found in County Wexford and sporting a bespoke feel, the historical building of Horetown House offers private wedding events that are the envy of the neighbours. This country house wedding venue can hold up to 200 guests and is very exclusive. They are family run and strictly limit the number of weddings they cater to every year. What we love most about the stylish and thoughtfully decorated Horetown House is that the whole property and all of its grounds are exclusively yours during your stay.country-house-wedding-venue


Best Country House Wedding Venue 6 – Trudder Lodge

Built in 1835 and full of the rich history of Ireland, this idyllic lodge once housed the Archbishop of Dublin. With its gardens, woods, and lake, this picturesque space comes with its caterers but can only accommodate up to 30 diners. If you want something intimate and small, set in the reclusive of woodlands and surrounded by natural beauty, then this may be the country house wedding venue for you.


Best Country House Wedding Venue 7 – Mount Druid

Mount Druid is found in the gorgeous village of Castletown Geoghegan in Co. Westmeath, Mount Druid, has 100 acres of its parkland for you to use in your wedding photographs. The family that owns this country house takes pride in sustainability and the local wildlife, planting over 200,000 trees to restore the area to its natural beauty.

Mount Druid is set in a medieval village full of the authenticity of Irish heritage. Could it be the wedding venue you of which you have been dreaming?


Best Country House Wedding Venue 8 – Rathsallagh House

Rathsallagh Country House is a romantic location set in the seclusion of its 530-acre gardens. Covered in ivy and enchanting to behold, this beautiful country house has luxury bedrooms available at a discounted rate to members of the wedding party. Rathsallagh House is renowned for significant events with the perfect atmosphere, and it may just be the perfect country house wedding venue for your wedding.


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