Sparkles Wedding Photos

Every bride who’s planning a big wedding dreams of having a wedding day that her guests will never forget. If this is you, one of the best wedding ideas to make sure your wedding is remembered as being a gorgeous, lively, and fun event is including sparklers that’ll literally light up the night.  

If you’re going to include sparklers in your wedding, you’re going to want to take photos that’ll document just how amazing they looked. You’ve probably seen those glamorous photos of the bride and groom exiting the ceremony, lit up by all sparklers their happy guests are shining. The photos look gorgeous, but everything needs to work perfectly in your favour to capture the picture-perfect scene. 

That being said, there are several ways to guarantee that you get perfect sparkles wedding photos. To make sure your photographer gets that ideal photo, set them up with success by following the points we’ve listed below.


Make Sure The Sparklers Are The Right Length

Ok, first things first, the sparklers themselves. Giving your photographer plenty of time to capture the perfect photo is always a good idea. So you’ll want to buy long sparklers, that’ll stay lit for an extended period of time. 

This also guarantees that any trigger-happy guests who light up early won’t ruin the shot with the burnt-out sticks they’ll be waving while everyone else still has lit sparklers. Make sure you get sparklers that are at least 14 inches long, but if you can order 18 inch ones, that’s even better!


Timing Is Key

Do you ever light candles during the day? Probably not, unless you just want the scent, because the candlelight just isn’t very bright or noticeable. This is true for sparklers, too! If you want an amazing shot, the photos need to be taken at night, at least half an hour after the sun goes down. Taking the pictures too early means the sparklers won’t stand out and your pictures will be underwhelming. Don’t want to waste all the planning and effort that goes into a glamorous sparklers shot? Just pay attention to when the sun sets and plan accordingly!


Plan Ahead

The quickest way to have your sparkles wedding plan backfire on you is by not having the guests on your side. What does this mean? Don’t bore them! Once your ceremony is through, they want to stretch their legs, talk to other guests, and get ready to party. So if they have to wait through the entire time it takes to unpackage the sparklers, pass them out, get in position, and then light them up, they won’t be as enthusiastic about these pictures as you are. 

Luckily for you, this can be easily avoided! All you need to do is do a little planning ahead, and everything will work magically. Just make sure you:

  • Unpackage all the sparklers ahead of time, the morning of the ceremony. Not before that though! Any earlier than that and you risk them being damaged or getting damp. 
  • Set them out where guests can take one before the ceremony, preferably somewhere they can’t miss them, such as at the entrance of the building, or in front of the seating area if your wedding is outdoors. 
  • Let guests know what’s going on, either with a cute announcement board next to the sparklers or by having someone explain it to everyone who stops to take one.
  • Have a plan for who will light them, and where they’ll be positioned. Don’t let your guests get confused!

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Location Matters

You probably already have tons of wedding ideas, and a beautiful location picked out. One location you do need to think about, too, is where these sparkler photos will be taken. If your ceremony is indoors, you’ll have to wait until you exit. Pay attention to the exterior of the building, though. If it’s not as picturesque as you’d like, you can always take these photos elsewhere! They don’t have to be taken right as you’re exiting the ceremony – as long as you’ve got the timing right, you have the ability to take these picture-perfect photos at a different location. 

And again, thinking about the lighting, if your chosen location is lit too brightly, remember that your sparklers won’t be as vibrant!


Sparkles Wedding Photos And The Most Important Step…

Have fun! Yes, sparklers are beautiful, but they’re also meant to be fun. Give your guests an event to remember and celebrate with them. 

If you like to add sparkles to your wedding photography just let me know before your wedding, so I will help you get the best results and amazing photographs to treasure. You can find some inspirations viewing some of my previous wedding stories, where together with wedding couple I created fabulous sparkles photography.

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