Segrave Barns Wedding. Rustic Beautiful Barn Ireland

When I got an enquiry from Sinead and Emmet to document their wedding day from morning till night dances in Segrave barn​s wedding venue​, I was excited to be part of their special day and finally visit the ​site​ in person.

I’ve been looking forward to getting the chance to work in Segrave ​Barns Dunany Weddings and concerts Co. Louth Ireland. This place seems a bit different than other sites I worked so far. From what I knew, Segrave barns ​wedding ​offers a dreamlike, very relaxed atmosphere that you cannot compare to any other place.  Strong bohemian vibes, rustic look, I adore the quirky alternative feel of this wedding venue.

It was a lovely, warm, sunny day in the middle of May when Sinead and Emmet’s wedding day arrived. I met the couple for their morning preparations where I could also meet their families, bridal party, and get to know them all a little better.

It was a relaxed, laid back day with lots of fun and happy moments. The magic was definitely there! After the church ceremony, which was very emotional and joyful, it was time for the reception, bridal photos, and the best fun part – the dances, of course!

Love the simple, however, beautiful look of the Bride.  Her dress, sunflowers in her bouquet, floral hair accessories all matched seamlessly with the natural beauty of the whole day. I would describe the theme for the day as down to earth, rustic, organic charm.

​The venue itself exceeded my expectations by a mile! I knew it was going to be a cool place, but once you see it with your own eyes, it even better. The wedding barns are located in Dunany co. Louth, just a short stroll from the seaside. All the barns on site got very characteristic unique qualities, but the simplicity and glamour are everywhere. There is the stone build Ashtree barn that comes with all wedding packages. It’s usually where the couple is getting ready. The willow barn is a very spacious barn which is perfect for bigger gatherings, concerts, and also any wedding. Holly barn often used as a ceremony room, drinks reception area, breakfast room, and as a space for smaller family gatherings. The charm of the interiors old white-washed stone walls and small windows make this barn very cozy and welcoming.

Wedding guests can book a glamping pod on the site to stay overnight. Other accommodation options are available. You can find more details about this venue, checking their Facebook fan page or just visiting their website.

All the eye-catching decor of this wedding venue is spectacular. The attention to detail is mind-blowing! The owners of this place, John and Eugene, created something exceptional. You can feel their passion for this place once you enter the venue. I have to mention the food offered there- it was very delicious too!

It’s a quirky, unique wedding venue with lots of possibilities for great photographs.

Here are a few images from Sinead and Emmet’s wedding. Enjoy!


Segrave barns wedding

I had a great time documenting Emmet and Sinead’s rustic, charming wedding celebrations in Segrave Barns Wedding Ireland. It was a delightful experience, and I can say I fell in love with this place. If you are planing your wedding and looking for an alternative wedding venue in Ireland, this is the one!

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